One Drop

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One Drop
by Donna L. Johnson
one drop
a micro empire
seemingly fragile
but holding infinite power
infused in all
essential to life
glorious in
its transformations
liquid     solid     gas
droplets to rivers to oceans
snowflakes to drifts to glaciers
gases to stars to galaxies
one drop
joined with another
and another
can bore through stone
move mountains
form rust
provide nourishment
create a rainbow
shape the clouds
rouse emotions
unleash devastation
provide solace
one drop
held sacred
in all world beliefs
from the beginning of time
used to cleanse     purify     heal
revered     feared     deified
an unpredictable force
capable of uniting     separating
transforming    annihilating
transporting     stopping
inciting war
inspiring peace
one drop
instructional     inspirational
may we be like drops
each unique     influential
joining forces
forming ripples
building waves
creating a tsunami of change
may we celebrate water
preserve this life force
uniting us as
one drop
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