Everything is, Indeed, Reaching Out to Everything Else

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Everything is Indeed Reaching Out to Everything Else

Arcs of arms are reaching out from distant

Suns whose gestures stir the life of seeds.

To be here, now, requires our hearts to listen,

Watch, and know that Light fulfills our needs.


When gripped by stagnant vines of fear, relief

Springs from the pulsing centers of our chests.

False boundaries dissolve in prayer; peace weaves

The seeming chaos into something blessed.


Stay rooted. Stand witness. Be upholding.

Guidance from great Mother Oak whose limbs

Will move ours to join the sacred dance, singing

Aloud that work is love made visible.


Roused by poetic muse of rainbow voice,

What stirs us also presses us against

The thick embranglement of choice

In which our spirits rise and fall, unfenced.


One truth: that drawn by gravity and awe,

The world is in relationship with all.


-Zan Lombardo, 2011

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